“presence” joining mind and moment.

Where is your attention? It’s a simple question, isn’t it? Are you giving these words your clear focus? Have you, like so many others, been conned by a hyper society. That the way of mastery is learning to multitask? Numerous scientific studies have proven that multitasking is not the way our brains work best. Can […]

Ladies, you are loved. The amazing power of femininity.

In observance of mother’s day, I have decided to write about my appreciation of the feminine. I know these things are very subjective and I don’t expect everyone  to agree with my perspective. I’m on the outside, looking in. These are just this man’s thoughts. I hope they add new dimension and depth to your […]

The brave, the beautiful, the whistleblowers.

Do we revere the right people? What makes a person great? Is it fame, good looks, wealth, or audacity? Is it a degree from the right institution that should impress us? What about prowess in business?, or sports? Should we be enamored with the iron fisted tyrant, who knows nothing but the exercise of power? […]

“Rock bottom” is a solid foundation.

There have been a few times in my life I’ve fallen into the very bottom of the pit of despair. The feeling that I had lost everything just overwhelmed me. I have bathed and soaked in regrets and broken dreams. I’ve bent over backwards to hold things together ~ even when they needed to fall […]

Are you ready for the truth?

The truth can be hard to accept. Denial can be comforting. Oftentimes, we shield ourselves from reality. How can we make proper decisions in real time if we won’t face truth? Ask yourself, am I ready to face reality unprepared? If you were lost in the woods, would you pretend it wasn’t so? When people, […]

The confusing branches of fear.

From a vague sense of dread, to an explosive burst of unthinking panic, and a plethora of phobias “fear” covers a vast emotional territory. We seem to enjoy some types of fear. Look at the popularity of scary films! Skydiving, roller coasters, bungee jumping, rock climbing, “haunted” houses, etc. Does fear excite you? If so, […]

How to be grateful, in a selfish culture of entitlement

Have you noticed,that being grateful makes life more enjoyable? That people who appreciate what they have, are better company than those who focus on what they lack? We all come into the world kicking and screaming, the centers of our own attentions. I  suspect that our very first thoughts are selfish ones. The longings,and needs that […]